About us

We believe experience is what matters most in building a successful business. Our team comprises of technology experts, lead engineers, and business strategists with unique know-how and priceless professional knowledge on how to run a lean business.

Our mission is to stimulate the growth of the best trending entrepreneurships in most critical aspects of technology and product development.

Tech skills
Business knowledge

Having the right people on both sides of the table is the first step to build the next big thing.

Technology and implementation

Each gamechanger began with the prototype

Development of the good product starts with the firm prototype. We help to feed the product with audience feedback and move step by step in a lean style towards the success. With the iterative approach we are able to move forward quickly to the defined market fit and make product ready to be presented for funding. Afterwards, we take care of the development until the mature phase of the lifecycle is reached.

We deliver technology that works

Technology stack we operate with includes the most sophisticated technologies and tools being used for SaaS platforms, eCommerces, IoT solutions, Data Science and Cloud Computing. We help to adjust the most suitable provider due to demands and reinforce performance of the IT team with the most wanted engineers. We take care of all the operations connected with technology to become your new reliable CTO.

Intelligent infrastructure - the fertile ground for growing

Our experts and advisors oversee the horizon and prepare the most intelligent infrastructure to let product grow in controllable environment. We navigate through the construction of full IT architecture ready for agile operations at the high velocity. We are able to guide the configuration process with the highest standards of security to let customer admire the benefits delivered to the business.

Digital innovations

Innovation – we have our name all over it

Ability to adapt to changing environment is the critical factor for IT business to evolve. Innovatica supports the process of transformation and change ensuring successful accommodation to the digital world. Our profound technical background along with the in-depth industry insights have powers to enrich organizations and let them take advantage on the synergy between technology and business. We are able to reach for the most extraordinary technologies and people who master them in order to create the digital future. Our mission is not to make innovation a buzz word but to convert it into real outcomes.

IT consulting

Trust us - we’ve all been there

The key is to set achievable goals and move on to accomplishments, regardless of where the niche actually is. We are able to configure and apply the right development strategy for more traditional approaches as well as those based on disruptive technologies. Unleashing the product's potential can only be done by careful and comprehensive revision of methods and technologies that are being used. Setting the right direction remains the ultimate goal for IT consulting operations at Innovatica.

Next level IT recruitment

Innovatica & Experido official partnership

We are an authorized partner of Expertido – the next level matchmaking platform for IT companies and suitable technology experts.

Experido allows IT companies to reach for experts and engineers of ultimate fit and increase effectiveness of their recruitment processes. The platform is dedicated for companies looking for experts with particular scope and experience and enables the other side to simply react with interest. It’s the ultimate release for teams going through the painful bottleneck connected with lack of suitable engineers in the market.

By our partnership with Expertido we are able to pair companies with the most suitable experts through fast and accurate confluence evaluation.