Case studies

A great revolution in the recruitment has begun. And we are subversive.

Expertido is the ultimate solution for IT recruitment industry. The best specialists and trending companies finally get connected through the intelligent platform. With Expertido you can reach out for the most wanted IT experts for your team. Are you an engineer looking for the opportunity? Get matched with the only companies fulfilling your demands.

Impact of Innovatica

Innovatica became an end-to-end technology partner for Expertido. We were involved in the project setup, technology consulting, development team onboarding and further ramp up phases. Innovatica played an important role in the technical modelling & simulation to transform disruptive business model into the functional product. We are honored to be the exclusive partner for Expertido entering global markets as the game-changer for IT employment market.

The challenge

From the very beginning it was clear that business model designed by Expertido is truly innovative. Our challenge was to provide a solid foundations for the ground-up development not only from technical but also process and M&S related standpoints. Our consultants helped to define the development strategy and key project milestones for the new category winner. High-power consultancy ensured by Innovatica allowed to build the end product and enter the market reality. Innovatica remains the authorized partner for Expertido in areas of IT consulting and software implementations.

Customer’s feedback

We appreciate how Innovatica approached us. They really treated the project holisticly and expressed much awareness in regards to each of our pain points. We needed a strong expertise and advisory in essential areas including technology, development strategy and security standards. They helped us save much time and effort in the decision making process regarding architecture, core functionalities, and usability. They also took over the entire delivery process and connected us with dedicated IT department. The quality of lean project management, security and sustainability went much beyond our expectations.

We can definitely recommend Innovatica as the reliable partner in technology and IT operations consulting.